About Us

FrontLine Service is a private non-profit community behavioral health organization in Cuyahoga County that provides mental health and supportive services to more than 30,000 adults and children each year. With the mission of “Reaching out to adults and children in Northeast Ohio to end homelessness, prevent suicide, resolve behavioral health crises and overcome trauma”, FrontLine Service is the provider of choice in Cuyahoga County for administering services to some of the most vulnerable members of our community:  homeless, severely mentally disabled, those in psychiatric crisis and adults and children who have been traumatized by violence in their home or community.  At the core of all FrontLine programs is the philosophy of reaching out, engaging those with the highest barriers and building the trust necessary for them to engage in care.

In operation since 1988, FrontLine provides the most comprehensive continuum of care for people who are homeless in Ohio. Our homeless assistance programs provide assertive street outreach, Coordinated Intake for all homeless families and individuals in Cuyahoga County, transitional and permanent supportive housing, case management, psychiatric and drug and alcohol programming for individuals with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

In 1995, FrontLine Service expanded programming to include serving individuals who were in psychiatric crisis but not homeless. We began operating the countywide suicide prevention hotline and the Mobile Crisis Team. In addition, we have been at the forefront of creating innovative trauma-specific programs to respond to individuals and families who have been impacted by violence. Our crisis services include a 24/7 suicide prevention hotline, online emotional support through chat and text; adult mobile crisis team and child response team; a residential Crisis Stabilization Unit and child crisis stabilization beds; and a full-time crisis intervention presence in the psychiatric emergency department at St. Vincent Health System.