Trauma Services

  • Cuyahoga County Central Intake/Treatment for children exposed to violence.  Our 24/7 home based service responds to crisis calls for children exhibiting trauma symptoms.   Clients are referred by the Defending Childhood Network.
    Cuyahoga County is one of four sites that received funding through the US Attorney General Eric Holder’s office to implement our Defending Childhood Initiative (DCI). The goals of the DCI are to prevent exposure to violence, mitigate the negative impacts of exposure when it does occur, and develop knowledge and spread awareness about the issue. FrontLine Service provides Central Intake for the county’s DCI.  We complete assessments for all children referred to the DCI, and then link the child to the most appropriate agency. This linkage is based on the agency/program that can provide the child with the most appropriate trauma-informed intervention, driven by the results of the assessment.
  • Children Who Witness Violence (CWWV)-Our teams work with families in their homes shortly after a crisis to provide support services to children who have been exposed to violence.
    The CWWV philosophy is that the provision of immediate intervention to children who have witnessed violence in their own homes is critical.  Domestic violence deeply impacts children of all ages. Infants exposed to violence may not develop attachments to their caregivers who are key to their development. And in extreme cases, infants may suffer from failure to thrive. Preschool children in violent homes may regress developmentally and suffer sleep disturbances, including nightmares. School-age children who witness domestic violence may exhibit a range of problem behaviors including depression, anxiety and aggression toward peers. Adolescents and teens who have grown up in violent homes are at risk for recreating the abusive relationships they have seen.  Immediate age-appropriate intervention and linkage to community based providers for on-going services provides the child(ren) and their family with a means of decreasing the impact of the trauma on individuals and the family unit.
  • Violent Loss Response Team (VLRT)
    In partnership with The Cleveland Police Department, VLRT seeks to provide comprehensive, practical, as well as emotional, supportive services to family members of homicide victims.  It is recognized that these family members are in severe crisis from the moment they are notified of their loved one’s death and therefore immediate intervention and assistance is warranted.  The nature of the families’ crisis often leaves them feeling overwhelmed and at times immobilized.  VLRT provides compassionate care, practical planning and service coordination coupled with clinical intervention related to trauma and loss.