FrontLine Service, formerly MHS, is funded by individual donors, foundations, corporate and community support.  We take pride in being good stewards of your donations.  

Our services are a ‘win’ for individuals we work with and for the community at large.  We have proven that our services reduce the community’s cost in meeting the needs of our clients, reducing utilization of the state mental institution, hospital emergency rooms, police intervention and incarceration.  Most importantly, we help individuals lead more productive and satisfying lives.

Ninety-four cents of every dollar you donate goes directly to provide critical services to individuals who are struggling with homelessness, children who witness violence, individuals and families who have lost a loved one to homicide, people contemplating suicide, and those whose lives are in crisis.

If you are inspired by this work you can support us in a number of ways.

  • Give a gift today to support our services.
  • Get your company involved with our Corporate Partnership Guide
  • Support FrontLine Service when you shop at
  • Donate your vehicle.  Vehicle Donation Form
  • Contribute items from our Wish List
  • Donate your furniture to Seconds City and let Seconds City know you would like your items sold on behalf FrontLine Service.  The proceeds from your donation will provide clients moving from the streets or shelter and into housing with a furniture voucher to purchase furniture that they are sorely lacking
  • Make a Planned Gift that will leave a lasting legacy and ensure our services are always available.  Contact Corrie Taylor for more information at (216) 274-3492Review the 2014 Financial Audit here.
  • For inquiries contact Corrie Taylor, Director of Development (216) 274-3492 or Email Corrie