Ending Homelessness is Within Reach

Picture this:

Tonight, every man, woman, and child in Northeast Ohio has a safe home to be in, a warm bed to sleep in, and a hot meal to share.

Close your eyes and imagine: Every person in Greater Cleveland is safe and off the streets. Every child has a safe place to rest. Every family is together in a home for the holiday season.

It’s a beautiful dream, isn’t it? That we could end homelessness in Northeast Ohio. End homelessness for our veterans…for men and women struggling with severe mental illness…for families.

Now open your eyes and believe that this dream is close to coming true!

FrontLine Service has long been at the forefront of ending homelessness. Now, because of the steady financial support of people like you, we are coming closer to ending homelessness in Greater Cleveland:

  • FrontLine has joined with community partner organizations in the initiative, A Place 4 Me, with a goal to house 100 homeless youth in 100 days. The clock began ticking on September 9th and ended on December 18th.  I am proud to say that we reached our ambitious goal. We housed 103 young adults in 100 days!!!
  • At the same time, FrontLine and A Place 4 Me have implemented new initiatives to prevent youth homelessness in Cuyahoga County for young people aging out of foster care.
  • And FrontLine has just received funding from the Veterans Administration to expand beyond Cuyahoga County and end homelessness for veterans across Northeast Ohio.

Because of you, change is happening and the dream of ending homelessness is within reach.  In the next year, we will be able to announce the end to homelessness for veterans.  With the opening of two new Housing First buildings in the next two years, homelessness for those who have been chronically homeless will end in Cuyahoga County.  Your financial contributions have made sure our caring teams can provide unconditional support and lasting solutions to people who are homeless. But we must not slow down when we are so close.

I am writing now to humbly ask you to give today!

Help us to achieve our mission to end homelessness for everyone in Northeast Ohio. When you give to FrontLine you are making real and lasting change in our community.



Susan Neth, Executive Director


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